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New York based producer and international DJ, The Undah-Dub, always brings his very own brand of style and musical prowess wherever he's at. With a knack for giving his fans a whole new appreciation of house music. this sound conductor adeptly blends a unique combination of old school house with nu school Electronica unlike no one else. The Undah-Dub can be found playing top night clubs on either sides of the ocean, on the radio, or creating music in his Harlem studio for his record label Decibel NYC Recordings.

With a slew of hit club tracks under his belt, The Undah-Dub stays consistent and geared toward future chart action with his
2nd album "no vacancy" currently burning up dance floors everywhere. Don't blink, he moves faster than you can focus... Tell all your friends!

Name:The Undah-Dub

Birth Place:Omaha, NE

Phone:+1 (347) 948-6937

Freelance:Music Production & more...

Industry Experience

Lab 152 Media Group2010-now

Manages the distribution and marketing of small independent multimedia companies - record labels, photography studios, artists, writers, etc. Provides highly focused and detailed management tools and processes to handle almost every aspect of running your record label - from release creation, packaging and tracking to online distributors provisioning. With our set of tools and dedicated platform, vetted over years of working with independent record labels, your time will be better spent growing your business, nurturing your artists instead of wrestling with mundane tasks such as data gathering and updating, digital uploads, scheduling or vendor mitigating.

Decibel NYC Recordings2006-now

Owner and General Manager of New-York based independent house music record label with fan-favorite releases such as "He Had Sex With A White Girl" by The Undah-Dub featuring Styles, "Like Sex" by The Undah-Dub featuring Digable 7 and many more.

Harlem Station Recordings2007-now

Co-owner and General Manager - famous for discovering talents in and around the famous minority neighborhood of New York - with chart-topping hits such as "Sticky Foreplay" by LaVeda, "Let Go" and "Nevermine" by Denvil Saine, "Did You Know It Was Him?" by The Undah-Dub featuring Alison Crockett and many more.  Visit the record label site for detailed information.


  • Artist Management
  • Music Production
  • Audio Engeneering
  • Label Consultant
  • Club DJ
Artist Management
Music Production
Audio Engeneering
Label Consultant
Club DJ

Contact Info

Phone:+1 (347) 948-6937

Address:New York, NY 10542 USA

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The Undah-Dub
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